The Story

In the beginning...

Zimbabalooba started off as a garage screen printing business in the late ’80s. The first printing table was the family table tennis table and the first designs we created in the festive atmosphere of evenings spent with friends, drinking, and smoking.

“Go with the flow”  was the philosophy and so it went.  As Zimbabwe opened up to the boom times of a newborn country, so Zimbabalooba grew with it. The table tennis table gave way to a thatched printing shed on a farm in Nyabira and soon there was a factory and shops selling Zimbabalooba trousers, shirts,  t-shirts, dresses, leggings, hats, caps, backpacks. The lot!

The leader of the pack were the baggy fun trousers that I named Verts ( short for Vertical ) From the beginning I noticed that people who adopted them as their dress code were either ” up there” or “out there “. Rock climbers, skydivers, bungee-jumpers, overlanders, windsurfers (now kitesurfers), hikers, and travelers.

  The Verts were bright, they were DIFFERENT and they were out there!  In Africa, we sold them in our shops in Victoria Falls and they were worn up and down the “overlander route” from Kenya to Zimbabwe. Then the Zimbabalooba bird spread its wings into the world!

Outdoor sports lead to Festivals, the now legendry Verts were showing up at – Grateful Dead concerts in Amsterdam, rock climbing in Australia, sky diving in Emporia Brava, base jumping off Table Mountain, windsurfing on the Chiemsee, and hiking and boulder climbing from Cumbria to the Cederburg.

 Zimbabalooba, with its AfroFunk designs and funtastically bright colour mix, was out there on the edge, with the joie de vivre that goes with it!

  Thirty years later, we are still here and so are some of the Verts we made in the beginning! Our quality is so good you find  Zimbabalooba for sale in Vintage shops and they are passed down to the next generation because Zimbabalooba is timeless and cool…..forever!

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